Sunday, 4 December 2016

Answers for The Weekly Animal Quiz

Assalaamu Alaikum

These are the answers for quiz!! And True/False!

Quiz ---------
  1. What is a female deer called? - Doe
  2. Who is a 'buck?' - Male deer
  3. Who created them all? - Allaah
  4. What is a young deer called? - Fawn
  5. What is a group of deer known as? - Herd
  6. Are deer good swimmers? - They swim well
  7. What is the colour of deer when born? - Brown with white spots
  8. When will fawns leave their mother? - one year
  9. Do deer have hoofs? - yes
  10. Do they have toes? - no
  11. When do fawns take their first steps? 30 minutes after their birth
True Or False ------------------------
  1. Female deer lose their skin every year - f
  2. Male deer grow new antlers each year. - t
  3. Allaah nurtures them only once every 2 years. - f
  4. Deer keep falling over their feet. - f
  5. The male deer grows hoofs and when they fall off they will grow again the next week. - f
  6. Deer and elk alike hate lettuces. -f
  7. Many of the deer species have been hunted solely for the collection of the antlers. -t 
  8. Deer have long legs typically suited to the environments they live in. - t
  9. When a group of deer are together, it is called a 'siul'. - f
  10. They can swim very, very, very fast and fall on land well. - f
  11. During the mating season, male deer will often use their antlers to fight for the attention of female deer. - t

Aisha's points;
Quiz --------- 22/22 (twenty-two out of twenty-two)
True Or False ---------- 21/22 (twenty-one out of twenty-two)
Well done __Aisha and Maryam__!

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Assalaamu ALaikum 

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