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The Power Of Lionesses

                                             بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
                                                   السلام عليكم

The Power Of Lionesses (scroll down)

Don't you love animals? How would you feel if they all died? (subhanallaah!) If you were a lionesses and lost all your cubs, one by one, WHAT WOULD YOU FEEL? 

I will summarize the story below:

The power of Lionesses

She has a mate - her companion and protector, and the father of her own cubs. The beginnings of a new pride — for this unspoiled land deep in Botswana.

Tonight the bush is uneasy. The owl keeps looking behind it, in front, and to the side of it. Several dark figures of lions or lionesses run past the bush at dusk.

The distance calls they have been hearing, are for some time getting closer. It puts them on edge.

Invaders! And they suddenly materialize. Lions from the north, forced here by the relentless encroachment of man. They are ready to risk anything to win new territory.

Her male has no choice but to fight. It's a battle that can change the bloodlines here forever. The invaders with a clear determination — to win and to stay.

Her little cave is filled with roars and snaps — the females arrive. Her shoulder is ripped from bone to flesh.

When she finally emerges from hiding, her shoulder almost healed, she is ready to pick up her life. She starts by trying to find her mate. Every sound makes her freeze. Every breath of wind brings unfamiliar scents.

Until she finds him, she is a fugitive in her own land. By now, her mate has had weeks to recover. He should be answering her calls. But finally she finds him. He is shaking all over.

His wounds are too severe, his spirit has gone out of him. He has become old, damaged and broken.
But finally he drops his head. His reign is over, he moves and breathes no more.

There are new rulers now. To survive here, she will have to submit to these new masters. But — until the newcomers detect her presence, she still has a choice. The swirling air carries a hint of her unfamiliar scent.

They smell it. The hunt is on. She decides to leave... to leave immediately. For she has a secret —  all that is left from her old life... A secret that must be protected. This will be her life now — to secure the survival of her cubs.

With the males behind her, backtracking is IMPOSSIBLE.  The females of the maneuvering pride, are there, blocking her escape to the west. The leader will remember the violent night they last met — as vividly as she does.

The night that she was left, battered and bitten, bleeding to death, but she in turn, left the leader, with one eye blinded for ever. It is a wound that the silver-eyed leader of the pride, will never forget.

They can smell her tracks. But, the storm that began long ago, ignites the bush she is hiding in, and she is trapped. Now she must choose: north towards people, villages and guns, or south toward the fireline, or to an even more horrible object — the swollen river.

In this part of Africa, a mother is named after her first-born as its protector. The little male was always the smaller of the other two, slower, prone to getting lost. Today Ma di tau, Mother of the lions, earns her name as protector of her young. She leaps and flies to the rescue of her slow cub, and carries him towards the swollen river. 

He, as the smallest, must get used to being constantly bullied. It will either wear him out, or build him up.

Ma di Tau knows the pride will be coming after her, but what lies ahead is terrifying. Lions detest deep, open water. It hides things that seem unnatural to them. But the options behind are worse. A lion has come through.

If she stays to fight, her cubs will be killed. It's their instant to wipe the face on Earth clean of the old mates genes. She must make her decision now. One splash and she is in the water.

The male cub doesn't hesitate now. He knows to stay close. His sister wades in more cautiously. But the third cub draws back, afraid of the water and the unknown.
The males' shocked faces and wide eyes don't follow her. She has escaped...

By the time the third cub has plucked up enough courage, she's become an easy target — on both land and water. The crocodile emerges with speed to catch it's new meal - The Cub

The males turn back into their newly won territory, satisfied that she and her cubs had been expelled forever. 

So that's the best I could do. Can you help me by summarizing the story simply, and send here? 

Do you see what happens now? The third cub has been eaten and then the next cub.. Its so SAD! When I saw it first, I cried, its toooooooo sad. 



I like Leopards! said...

I have seen that documentary when I was just 9!

Umm Maimoonah said...

And it's so old! One thing... The documentary is not working!!

Randi Mai Charning Jensen said...

I saw the documentary a thousand times xD

Umm Maimoonah said...

but the doucmantay is not working

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