Wednesday, 18 May 2016


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم

Lom-  Lom is looms. For example, 'Then up loms,'
Cont- Cont is 'is'. For example, 'Fury doesn't know who it cont.'

Here are some new FURY poems.

Fury running like lighting,
Thunderbolt, Lightningbolt, STORMBOLT!
And off she goes,
FURY a pony, just bigger than a colt,

Streaks of red flashing in front
A cruel face smiling,
Fury doesn't know who it cont.
But Carlotta does!

Beauty Hour just begun,
Dust away from,
Wax Fill Hill.
Then up loms,

Beauty House.
Old house it is,
With a mouse,
And enemy Rats.


Q & A.

1. Q- Who do you think the red streaks and cruel face could be?

A- Reynard Fox and Mother Fox.

2. Q- What do you think is 'cont'?

A- Cont is 'is'.

3. Q- What do you think is 'lom'?

A- Lom is looms.

Poem GAME.

You pretend that you are Carlotta, a stick is Fury, 
attach a rubber band to the stick, 
and I'm sure you will find a plan of a story of Fury in your mind,
as you are playing.

Happy Writing!

السلام عليكم


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