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Fury and the scream at night

Assalaamu Alaikum.

I am sorry for the delay in making Fury And The Scream At Night, but ever since that naughty Ramlah came I have been so busy.

I hope you like this story:

Fury and Carlotta are going to camp out for a few nights on the Isle of Flora. But their happy nature walk ends in a frightening escape. Who screamed at night, and what are the men on the island up to? Can you help Carlotta find out?

Fury And
The Scream
At Night
Our Bay Gelding

Chapter One


ONE FINE SNOWY WINTER MORNING, Carlotta and Fury went out to play. They saw some snow-white wild horses. They saw winter moths.

But just as they were going home, a shot rang out. A sudden scream sounded, and a little, wild duck fell down. Carlotta said, “Oh, poor, poor duck. Its hurt, Fury gave a sympathetic look at the duck, which meant: “What can I do?”

“Oh, you can ride me home, and go to the stable. Lock yourself in too. I’ll take care of the duck.” Carlotta smiled faintly at Fury.
So Fury did that, and lay and worried about it.
Chapter Two


FURY WAS THE ONE who named the duck. She said something like this, “Dukemon” so Carlotta named the duck ‘Duckimoon.’
Then Mother told Carlotta, “We are getting ready for a surprise for you. Can you plan a camping trip with Fury and Duckmoon or whatever you call her?” “Duckimoon!” corrected Carlotta.


She felt excited. A camping trip! Whenever a trip was mentioned, it usually meant an adventure or mystery!

Duckimoon had been treated and Fury had liked her very much.  Now Duckimoon pecked at the box list slowly. Carlotta started packing all the items on the box list.

The box list was:

v  Purse
v  Books
v  iPad
v  notebook
v  money
v  Fury
v  Grooming tools

v  Extra horse food
v  Pencil
v  Lunch box.
v  Paper

Carlotta then went to Chuckles, the fast food shop, and bought two huge packets of a little bit of everything.

Chapter Three


THE NEXT SNOWY DAY, Carlotta, Fury and Duckimoon all splashed to the ISLE OF FLORA.
Flora is: the plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

The island was looking small at a far-away distance, but when Carlotta, Fury and Duckimoon went there, the isle looked big.

They were all very excited when they got there, and started to explore at once. Nobody was on the island when they came, and Carlotta felt a little scared.

Fury was nervous, and Duckimoon stayed close to Carlotta or Fury. Carlotta wondered of the animals’ strange behaviour, and she soon knew why.

 It was the queer feeling that somebody- somebody who didn’t like her was there. Somebody who didn’t know she was there.

How do you feel about it?

Chapter Four


THE NEXT DAY was full of snow, and Carlotta had just managed to put up a tent. But now the wind tore at it, howling very loud sounds outside Fury and Duckimoon’s tent.

Carlotta was glad when night came, and she said, “I think there will be some quiet.” But she was mistaken.
After a while, quietness fell on the isle. Then suddenly, footsteps sounded, and passed by the tents.

The person did not see the tents, but when Carlotta looked out cautiously, there were three men. “Okay, Jim. I’ve got the girl. I’ll carry her in the dungeon.” 

Carlotta felt a very cold chill run up her back. Did they mean her? And surely there was a dungeon in the island?

Then she saw. One man, perhaps called Jim, went away and carried a sack away. As Carlotta watched, a feminine scream filled the air.

Carlotta suddenly leapt out of her hiding place, yelling very loud. There was something wrong in the scream. It was frightened sort.

 After she had scared the men away, she went to her tent. “Perhaps a wild girl” Carlotta heard a man saying.

She chuckled. The next night, Carlotta went carefully out to the dungeon, which she had discovered hidden by a boulder. But the entrance wasn’t blocked and a lazy-looking guard came out. Carlotta shrunk into the bush that she had hidden into the moment ago and waited. And quietly told herself a poem she made up.

Carlotta ate some sandwiches that she had bought with her. Suddenly, the guard fell asleep. Carlotta quickly went in the dungeon and hid, hearing the guard waking up suddenly. Carlotta felt all creepy down her neck and shivered.

“And now, see what we have got here!” said a smooth, foreign voice suddenly. Everybody there turned around. “A little duck!”

‘Duckimoon’ thought Carlotta nervously. ‘She must have escaped and the men must have found her. Poor Duckimoon!’

Chapter Five


THE SMOOTH FOREIGN VOICE spoke again, roughly. “Are you sure you checked the whole path where the girl can be supposed to be hiding out?”

“You are sure?”
“You must check the whole island tomorrow.”
Yes,” said the men.

After they had gone, Carlotta crept out. She felt glad to have thought of camping on the hidden side of the island.

As Carlotta went in further, a small scream filled a little room. She went in the room, shivering, although it was hot. “Who’s here?” asked Carlotta softly.

“Take me out! Take me out!” A voice echoed from a dark, mysterious passage. Carlotta went in, twitching with excitement and fright.

She found a locked room, that a key was in. “ooh!” Carlotta said, for there was a little girl in the room. “Who are you?”

“They will come back soon, and take me to another lonely island. Please take me to a crowded place, where nobody can come. Please do!” said the girl, trembling.

 Carlotta rushed her out, and into the hidden part of the Isle of Flora. Oh no!


THE MEN WERE GATHERED AROUND IN A CIRCLE, LOOKING AT FURY!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Hurry, hurry! They will catch you!” said the girl. “Follow me!” shouted Carlotta.

She leapt on Fury and pulled the girl up. The men tried to stop Carlotta but Fury was too fast, on and on they went to the sandy cove. The girl screamed and then yelled, “I will fall off!” “Oh no. You won’t! Not if you hold tight!” said Carlotta.

Chapter Six


FURY RAN AND SWAM and splashed a lot of water on the girls, and Carlotta managed to loosen the men’s boat. The journey was long, but at last, they saw they mainland looming up in the distance.

Fury was so fast and so helpful because of the rocks.

She went fast but still avoided the rocks. Carlotta carefully stood up on Fury’s back as she was galloping top speed, and Carlotta saw the men looking at the water.

But none of them looked as if they were going to swim after them, so Carlotta sat down and rode Fury.
 Finally, they were seeing the speck of mainland in the distance. It looked very welcoming, but Carlotta knew Father would be along now.

And she was sad, and glad. The deep water left them and Alice, the girl, could wade with Fury, who was now walking.

And yay, Father, Mother were waiting for them! Of course, everything turned out well.


The End

 Assalaamu Alaikum 




UmmeKulsoum Khan said...

Asalam Alaykum,
I really loved the story. it was really good. Hope you make more.
Umme Kulsoum

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam. Thank you. Please find my other stories here by clicking on the label 'FURY'. I could not reply on mail because my computer went missing and my ipod charger isnt working.... and then you need to forward when i tell you because the mail is lost.


I like Leopards! said...

Masha Allah!!!! Wonderful, read some of it but its too long , mebe gonna read some later

Umm Maimoonah said...

ok insha allaah

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