Tuesday, April 11, 2017

One Year Old Ramlah

Assalaamu Alaikum.

On the 7th of April Ramlah was ONE YEAR OLD. Babycentre said that our baby would stand up from a sitting position. She is doing that!

She keeps wriggling all over the floor, like a clockwork toy. Every baby she sees she want to pull his/her hair and pluck his/her eyes and trouble. She doesn't mean to trouble. She wants to play.

Ramlah now ate her lunch, and she is so, so, so funny. Now she spat some lunch all over her dress! I spilt some soup all over me too!

Ummmm, I am not going to carry her a lot, I am going to put her down on the floor! She is a creepy crawly.

But the thing is.......... Ramlah wants to pull everything down when she is crawling!

Now she walks with holding her new playpen's bar. She takes a step on the ground without holding anything and falls down. She can stand without help.


Assalaamu alaikum


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