Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Dhul Hijjah poem

Assalaamu Alaikum

The best days in the whole world are here,
The 1st passes quick,
Make duaa and don't fear.
The 2nd is slower,

Pass the day in doing dhikr!
The best days are here,
The 3rd is slower,
Make duaa and don't fear.

The 4th is very slow,
Pass the day in praying,
The best days glow,
The 5th is very, very slow,

Pass it in saying the Tahmeed
And the Takbeer,
And the Tahleel,

Allaahu Akbar,
And Subhanallaah,
And La ilaaha Illaalah.
The next day, the 6th is slower,

You are longing for Eid!
Pass the day in doing good deeds.
Pass the next, the 7th in doing more,
And the next the 8th,

The pilgrims leave to Minaa.
And the 9th,
the day of Arafah,
You fast if you are not making Hajj!!
And make duaa.

The tenth is THE DAY OF EID!!


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