Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Ramlah - 16 months old!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم

Alhamdullilaah Ramlah yesterday was 16 months. She opens and closes drawers now, and sometimes shuts her little finger in. Then, MAAAAAA!!!! But that's like - minor. 

Major - means if Ramlah fell off the bed, that's what she did today afternoon. She flattened her ear and cried and cried. ;]\ui;l++0 

Oops sorry, that's Ramlah! She's so clever, she types messages like this: hj52 or something. And she calls everybody on WhatsApp. And she loves phones. 

Ramlah likes mostly Pasta, Cheese, Pizza, Rice and Beetroot, a few other stuff I forgot. 

She does NOT like fruit stuff like lemon, all sour, and all sweets. And oh, she loves chocolate. And Watermelon. 

Ramlah had an appointment with the dietician yesterday. The doctor said to make her a little fatter because her weight was lesser than usual. Hey, me too!!! 

She told us to give Ramlah fruits, 1 glass of milk every day, cheese and all the fatty foods. 

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Ramlah has stopped chewing books now alhamdulillah.  This is a pic of her reading my encyclopedia!!!

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This is a picture of Ramlah playing with bottles. I give her instructions like this: "Take that bottle!" and she will pick it up and look at me. Then: "Follow me!" and I go to the bedroom. So she follows me and then looks at me. Then: "Keep that bottle there!" and she will keep it 'there'. 
Then I will say: "Go get another one and keep it here." She keeps repeating it!


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