Monday, 16 October 2017

Classira Carter

Assalaamu Alaikum,

Aisha's book is on the way..... Here is a chapter of the book (it is for Zainab and everyone):

Classira Carter


By Maimoonah Thadhani

A normal day. A bad end.
When I wake up in the morning I feel super normal. It’s a bright, sunny day. A wonderful start to a normal day. But is it?

My name is Classira Carter. Oh one thing, my name makes you think of either school or horses right? That’s right. A new thing is that I’m super-crazy about school and when I grow up I want to be a horse teacher. Oops. I mean I want to be a horse riding teacher!

I am almost 12 years old. Or if you want to say it this way, I am 11 and half years old!

“Wake up! You are late for school!” says my mom. I sit up hurriedly. “What!?” But Mom has disappeared from the room. The worst thing about this room is there’s no clock. The clock is downstairs and now I could be late for school. So I can’t laze about in the sun.

So I get up and brush my teeth and wash. Then I make breakfast. By the time I get to the dining table, breakfast is made and mom is reading her letters. Her face is concerned and buried in the letter. It makes me worried.

By the way, my mom’s real name is Cassie Carter, but as you know, I call her Mom!

It’s just 8:00. To be exact it’s 8:28.

Phew. But I could miss the 8:35 bus. I pack my lunch and yell goodbye to my mom. No answer. She always answers unless… unless she’s PACKING.

“Hey, Classira! Where are you today?” shouts my local bully, Jean McGonnell. “Nowhere!” I say as I walk past. I don’t know what gets into me.

I left her glaring at me with a terrible smile, which isn’t very nice. So school is normal the whole day, which is very nice.

I can fry peas and cook vegetables. And my mom thinks that’s good. And I don’t. Actually, what’s the use of cooking? You can get food from outside!

Then I walk back home. There was nobody there. My jaw was hanging open, it was so scary! House is clean and tidy. Then dishes are washed. The table was tidy.

Except for a letter and a note:

To CC from CC.

Classira I need you to go to the local grocery store. Give the letter to the person in charge. Then he will put you up to delivering pea pods and frying vegetables.  Don’t worry about me being not there.


So then I pick up the letter and run to the grocery store. The manager put me in 3 tasks.

1. Daytime: Deliver pea-pods
2. Night time: Fry Beetroot and cut Lettuce
3. Anytime: Clean store.

Terrible tasks, right?

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