Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Quran Journal

Salaams everyone, I did not put any Islamic things on my blogs for a long time, did I? I am feeling rather uncomfortable about it, and I would like to show you my new Quraan Journal. Actually, it is about a month old. I suppose I better share with you first some aayahs of the Quraan. First I will show you the picture on your right. I took it from Ummi's blog (actually I had done the post) and here is the link!  

One of the small notebooks with the purple bookmarks is the Quraan Journal. 
On your right, that stuff that looks like litter and rubbish, are my favorite stationery items. That is how I make fascinating Journals! 

My first page:

Ok, now I will show you some journaling hacks that will make you stare with your eyes popping out of their sockets! (Joking!) 

My favourite video

These are all on my mothers site:

Soon I will share some new Quraan Aayahs Insha Allaah. Enjoy the videos and do not forget to make your journal and send pictures on my email:

Oh, and Ramlah is here, breathing down my neck! Say Salaams Ramlah!

Please comment and tell us how you liked it. "Assalaamu Alaikum," from Ramlah, "Assalaamu Alaikum!" from me!


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