Monday, 6 November 2017

Ramlah and Me!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم

My little sister Ramlah is really naughty now. She scribbles on the wall, floor and she uses pens to draw on herself! She really is a naughty baby. She is now 18 months (sadly not years) old. Another 6 months and yay! She will be a 2 year old. 

Masha Allaah, Ramlah can run fast now, and she falls less and she crawls less! Alhamdulilaah, she can say 'Allaah!' now. And she deepens the 'l's. Sometimes I want a new baby sibling but at other times I feel even one is too much. 

Ramlah knows how to open drawers and cupboards. Oh dear, she can be sometimes so naughty you need to stand aside and watch as your naughty sister demolishes your beautiful stationery, destroys your pens by COLORING with them, and such things like that.

But also she can be really sweet. When she falls sometimes she cries, and then her sweet little nose goes red! She chases me too. Ramlah loves to be chased also, and when she gets my pack of pens (the ones that are not yet spoilt) she runs when I see her. 

I need to chase after her, but when Abi calls her she has to come. Well... do you think you have heard enough of Ramlah? I do, anyway, let's just get to a new subject.

(Thinking what to say...)

Oh, ok, I thought of a new poem. It is put up here too. 

When it is dark it is light
When it is light it is dark
As light is for day when it is night
It would be dark.

In the dark blue sky when you heard the birds of the night
They would be owls and mice and rats along with cats
When it is dark you are in the light, that's the meaning.
When you wake up at dawn and it is light you are in the dark

It means that you understand in the night better than in the day,
Whatever it is, you can enjoy the whole year round,
From spring to summer to fall to winter
As it is, dazzling December to February,

Then cozy little March to May
And after that, sweaty June to August
And then October to November, okay?
(Have I got it correct?)

Ok! Let's change this subject! Today I am going to do a small quiz, you can comment with correct answers. 


A bat is the only mammal that can fly.
Bats have glittering bodies, like the Backlayhak.
Bears love to eat food, such as trees.
Salmon is a grizzly's food. 


What is a tiger?

  • A Mammal
  • A fierce mammal that eats cherries
  • A beautiful creature who sleeps in the day
  • A fierce mammal that can hunt very well
A cheetah finds three steel things arranged in a row. Inside the first one, there is a morsel of some rotten liver (ew). The second one has a lovely fish inside. The last one has a fishtail inside it. The cheetah chose the first and the last ones from the row and ate what was inside, but did not touch the best fish. Why not?

  • Because the fish was poisoned
  • The fish had smelt as if it was poisoned but it wasn't and the others were
  • Because the cheetah was wise and left the middle one all alone, because it was poisoned
  • Because the cheetah was wise and left the middle one all alone, because it knew that it was steel and it was a real trap and the other steel things were false traps that would not hurt. 

Please comment with the correct answers...

Maimoonah T.

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