Sunday, June 16, 2019

Little update...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 السلام عليكم

Rosenblatt, Drip, Raindrop, Wet, Drop Of Water, Beaded

Forest at midnight
Dark leaves drip warmest liquid
Giant moths zoom by.

No, it's not prose. It's poetry - Japanese (three lined) poems called Haikus. I never really liked them, but, they ARE interesting. Syllables are a bit confusing.
I came across them at the end of my English book - just a page to go and I'm done - I can start on the next book. At the end of the page I had to write my own Haiku. Well, you probably know the rule of Haikus - 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 again in the last.
 This was my poem... it's a pretty bad one.

Sandy hot wind blows
Scattering people like ants
Run for cleanliness. 

 You can guess WHAT this is - a sandstorm... or is it a mini tornado? That's up to you.

I can remember the last time we had a sandstorm, Ummi swept the dust up for a total of 4 times, because we forgot to close the window. Next time this happens, inshaa Allaah we WILL close the window.

On the road it would look kinda like this:
Image result for sandstorm qatar 2019

This doesn't happen very frequently in Qatar, Alhamdulillaah!

I don't really feel like doing book reviews right now, I want to review a whole book - point out the mistakes and all that. SO just to make up this time: Ummi did a review on her blog of some books I was given and I LOVED those!

Click here to view it.

I will be baking muffins today inshaa Allaah, maybe I'll post the (slightly) altered recipe and the cookbook I used.


Thursday, June 06, 2019

Eid schedule

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

 السلام عليكم

 So, I've been sooooo busy (as a worker bee, you may say), and I hadn't got time to post until NOW, which is today morning (I'm not a morning person but occasionally wake up for a few mornings).
This is EXTREMELY late, but, well... never mind.

So, I didn't (COULDN'T) sleep on Eid, as soon as I heard the Adhaan I sat up and walked outside with Ummi, took a ghusl, and somehow got my hair dry - it usually never gets fully dry - it puffs like puff pastry unpricked. This time I didn't care about it.

And woke Ramlah up - she wasn't very grumpy, but she wasn't really good about getting up at 4.25 AM, so it is a crossbreed. I mean, a mix. She wore her new dress - I didn't take a picture of it but it is a light blue and a darkish pink. On first thought, you may think the combination would look horrible (!) but really it is not, it is pretty!

Everyone had a ghusl, so we left for the musallaah at 4.46 AM, pretty good because we are late for many things (so far not the Eid prayers - despite the crowd)!!

We found a good parking spot and walked to the musallaah following the Sunnah of the Prophet : ).

At this point, Abi went to the male's section and we went to the females. We made sure to bring our prayer mat, because we were praying on the road, literally! We went to the Lulu parking area, they had a musallaah. It was SO hot when the sun came out, even though it was the earliest morning!  (not sure if this spellcheck is working, it suggested 'the earliest morning'!!)

Image result for sun

We prayed and then listened to the khutbah and greeted each other: Taqqaballaahu minna wa minkum, left back home, we left early, so there was almost no crowd at the exit (there usually is).

We bought breakfast at a shop - it was light and the only breakfast I really ate on Eid. (I didn't eat much dinner the night before.)

Image result for malu pan

It's called malu pan in Sinhalese (I THINK?) and you pronounce it maalu paan. It means, literally fish bun. We also ate curry roti which is spicy.

Image result for curry roti bun

Then we entered the house (this really is very detailed, you know) and opened the gifts...

I got Super Scarab - one I've been wanting for a whole year:

Image result for super scarab thinking putty

By the way these aren't my pics.

Image result for burmese ruby thinking putty
And the Burmese Ruby is what Ramlah got. It's SO pretty! (Not as pretty as mine... no... equal!)

Then I read the Railway Children for the hundredth time and fell asleep.

I woke up at 1.59 PM and helped clean the house... did nothing really except dust the bed, make sure the drawers are clean, etc etc. LOL!!!

Then, our guests arrived and gave me and Ramlah another set of gifts...!!!

Mashaa Allaah they were VERY nice.

Image result for aura thinking putty
I LOVE this putty soooo much, I like glow in the dark stuff. And hypercolors!

For Ramlah, my friend gave her a special edition thinking putty:

Image result for treat thinking putty

Which is the cutest putty I ever saw! Ramlah was very happy and wanted to play now. But with the little ones it was almost impossible so she kept them in a safe place. She also was given a bagful of chocolates - mini kinder buenos - oh the taste of nutella! As well as the chocolate, she got a beanie-boo, one that was ever so cute! it was the owl called Owen.

We got assorted chocolates alhamdulillaah I love them all.

I got a coloring book too, not the coloring book that IS for kids but the one that is more advanced: Lost Ocean. I can't wait to start coloring it!

Image result for lost ocean coloring book
I made her some handmade gifts as well, and forgot to photograph them! Oops!

When they went we cleaned up the house and gave Ramlah her other gifts!

SO SORRY for the quality of these pics. The camera was in a bad mood and refused to obey.

A kitchen! I set it up by myself and some occasional directing from Ramlah. It comes with a few accessories like two mugs, two saucers, a ladle, a kind of a spatula and a tosser (I've no idea what these utensils are called), and well, please look for yourself!

I was so excited when I saw the phone on the box but really, it's just a piece of decorative plastic. It doesn't even stand up properly.

These boxes are cardboard but durable so far...

I actually thought this was a hairdryer but realized it was a...
TAP! hehe!
There's an oven too, the door doesn't close properly unless you push the sides together, which you can't be doing everytime you are 'baking'. Also, the grill tray falls when you put something heavy on top (really heavy!).

Wait... is there a real thing such as ORGANIC pepper???? I mean, how do you make pepper organic? like, do you put more chemicals (make it unhealthy) or make it less tasty?
This was the other gift she got. a cutting board and some fruits.
the cutting board is tiny!

Some pics on how she cuts a fruit (or veggie??).
Cooking soup for me - I'm hungry!
Baking stew... ????
Served breakfast here, yum! I really want this to be real!

Well, thats it for now because I already spent an hour writing this, no idea why it takes time but I guess without writing skills it would take more time? I don't know.

Alhamdulillaah for everything.

Assalaamu Alaikum.

Maimoonah Thadhani

Monday, June 03, 2019

As promised, post before Eid

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

 السلام عليكم

 As promised, here is the post before Eid.


This is basically an update of the things going on in Ramadhaan:


As I took the book from the library I didn’t know the heaviness of the sin even in reading books like this. I had never even dared to look at these Harry Potter series before, as my parents had totally engraved it into my mind that it is a form of shirk and that I shouldn’t even look at it. A friend of mine had recommended me to read it as she said its good and that the way J.K Rowling captivates the audience by her books is amazing. Another friend of mine had seen the movie and said that it was interesting to see it rather than reading it. I immediately gave up the idea of watching movies as I couldn’t watch it, especially at home. But reading a book seemed fine to me. I took it home and started reading it. For a second I thought my parents just wanted to scare me by telling me all kinds of horror this book contained. It wasn’t until that day my mom saw It on my bed and questioned me. I was very mad and told her it’s no problem if I only read it, at least I didn’t believe in it.

After reading this talk by Musa Richardson I understood that even reading it for fun or for time pass is disbelief.

·     He said that a person who is pleased with the performance of magic although it does not harm him has left Islam and has disbelieved and does not even have a mustard grain of faith in his heart.

·     Sometimes even reading a book can lead to kufr and doubts in Islam which eventually leads to eternally dwelling in the hell-fire.

·     Magic is forbidden in Islam and causes a lot of harm to the society and that’s why Allah has commanded the magicians to be executed.

·     If Allah has ordered the execution of the magicians, then how can we follow their books or enjoy their performances?

I always thought, why my parents are so strict in aspect to everything I do and now I have found answers to this in Musa Richardson lecture:

·     The Prophet Muhammad sallahualyhi wasallam said, “All of you are shepherds and you will be accountable for your flocks.” The Prophet further said, “There is no Muslim servant who has been given any flock to care of, who has been made a shepherd and he does not advise them and protect them from evil except that he will not smell the fragrance of paradise.”

·     This hadith tells us that it is the responsibility of the guardians or parents to protect their offspring about the evils in this world and to advise them beneficial knowledge if they want to smell the fragrance of paradise.

I realized that it was hard for me to concentrate on Salah and I often thought what was the cause for this. I used to fear if Allah had sealed my heart forever, then where would I go? I didn’t know this was the cause of my distractions in Salah. I have learned a lot from this and I pray that I never fall into these sins again. 

The above is from one of Ummi's students and here is the link to the lecture:


I have almost completed the cross stitch pattern. What I mean is, I only did the leaves and finished a growing bud. Maybe I'll post a pic on Eid. Inshaa Allaah.


Oh, and we will be having guests for Eid, inshaa Allaah. Like last Eid! Remember the posts I did when I was small!?


COOKIES! I finished baking a load of cookies today, all ready for tomorrow!!! I used Betty Crocker's recipe, and the altered version!


HENNA! I will do for Ramlah too, inshaa Allaah!! When I was small, I really hated the smell of henna but now it is SUCH a lovely smell!


I have wrapped all Eid gifts, even mine! (mine is something that I really wanted for a year! I'm telling NOT now, but when I write my Eid post inshaa Allaah pictures provided!!)


We got something for Ramlah that was way too big to wrap, subhanallaah. can you guess what it is??


I have changed my blog design! How do you like it??

Well, thats all, for now and see you later inshaa Allaah (in other words, see you when I see you)

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