Thursday, November 21, 2019


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

 السلام عليكم

I have done numerous things lately, alhamdulillaah.

1. I finished the cross-stitch pattern - I'm framing it soon inshaa Allaah and then I will put a picture.
This was what I last put up on the blog.

2. I read some books and maybe I'll put up a book recommendation soon.
3. Finished crocheting a cushion and I'm waiting to go to a store so I can get polyester stuffing. (Nope, I can't use a pillow for stuffing.)
4. A year back, I used an old book that had magic in it (my grandma gave it to me) and made it into a hollow book. I'll do a post on that soon, inshaa Allah!
It looks somewhat like this, but not as deep. My book was kind of thin. 
Image result for hollow book"
5. I finally got Scarlet and Ivy - The Lost Twin! I was thrilled to find it was cheap for such a thick book.
6. Our Peace Lily plant stopped putting lilies out, and some leaves are yellow. I guess this means it is NOT dying (I read that somewhere?) and in spring it will bloom again.
9. I baked cupcakes on Fridays for two weeks (I hope I'm going to stop before it turns into a month, I mean, who wants to eat cupcakes for most of the month? Some people do, but even I can't eat 12 cupcakes every week. Guess what, Ramlah doesn't like cupcakes unless I let her lick all the frosting off.)
10. The cupcakes are eggless because we are eggless for three or four weeks. (No, seriously. I forgot to inform Abi to buy eggs.)
OKAY, so I made this list around a month ago. 
So, I added it here, just so you know.
Anyway, when I was trying my hardest to sleep one night, I got an idea (I'm like that!). I didn't have anything to write it down, but I tried to remember it. And I did! 
I'm starting a 'quest'. 

Image result for quest"
Ok, so I guess everyone has at least five books (fiction or nonfiction) in their house. If they don't... well, I just guess they aren't 'everyone'. 

This is my idea (part 1):
1. I'll find a blank notebook (somehow).
2. I'll read a book and choose five words that I like.
3. Without looking up the meaning, I write what I think is the definition, but in my own words. 
4. Then, I check the dictionary and write below the dictionary's definition. 

My idea (part 2):
1. YOU read a book and choose five words you like.
2. Do the same as part 1.
3. Post a comment here with your definition and the book title. 

My idea (part 3):
1. I'll write YOUR definition as well, in my notebook.
2. I'll be updating the words on the blog once in a while.

My idea - THE END.

Oh yeah, and you can choose any amount of books - but five words from each of them.

Well, my next post will probably be about a craft, so stay tuned for that!

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