Monday, May 08, 2017

Cornflake Ramlah

Assalaamu alikum.

Ramlah is a cornflake eater now! Ramlah's favourites food is (oats, milk, soup, umm cake, guava.) books, tissue, paper!

She just now ate a mouthful of cornflakes and didn't want anymore!

FURY AND THE BEACH THEIF coming soooooon!!

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Welcome Back

Assalaamu alikum

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a long time. So welcome back to my BLOG!!! 

I saw so many things in SL alhamdullilah. Like, A TRAIN. There was so much fun day-before-yesterday, yesterday, and today. 

A.... Red Vented Bulbul.....

Made a nest here, last month....

And laid some eggs...

And those eggs slowly hatched out...

1... 2....3...

After a week from hatching out...

One jumped out!!

It stayed with Abi all night long...

Its parents were sleeping outside,

In the morning at 6:00 AM, me and the parents woke up.

There was a huge noise and screaming, but finally, the chick went outside with her parents.

Two more in the nest, another jumped out,

Immediately went out, because it fell out of the door.

The next day (that was today)

The last chick leapt out.

After a while of sleeping on the floor,

She too went out.

But yesterday night 10:00,


I think 2 were killed, only one is there,

But I really don't Know.

Ramlah got sick with rash and fever last week. It was Dengue! We tried to give her panadol! She spat it out!!! I love panadol, but ramlah doesn't! She wouldn't take any medicine.

So she took a blood test, her first blood test, her first fever.

Oh no, she yelled and screamed like someone was killing her!!! Poor Ramlah, she went to the hospital for 2 days, her blood was going down, she was getting weaker!

But we all made duaa and alhamduliaah she was back. Fully recovered. MASHA ALLAAH.


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