Friday, 17 November 2017

Al Khor Park!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم

Finally, we went to Al Khor (or Al Khore) park in Qatar. 

We set off at 2:00 I think, and just as we started, there was a noise that seemed to come from my left foot. It got louder and louder and whenever Abi stopped the car, the noise stopped too. What could it be? He looked and looked at the car, even got out of it and gave all the tires a kick. He even looked under the car, where the dicky (or the boot) was. But it seemed there was nothing wrong, so we continued. As soon as Abi started the car, the noise began, this time louder. I was frightened and made a lot of dua but Ramlah just smiled and laughed as if there wasn't anything missing. She even pulled my hair and stamped on my thigh. Uncomfortable!!! But anyway, the noise was really loud and I was really scared now and I made more dua... He called someone, and I guess we were heading to Wuqood, the petrol station. But now it was slow, ticking like a clock, even like a bomb. Aha, a bomb, I thought, but it was not so. It was ever so slow, one per 4 seconds I think, and it was terrifying to hear. Abi went as slowly as possible, but that noise was hurting my ears, and my heart was pounding. We stopped a lot so it was slow. Ummi said our trip today was put off, but anyway, read on! The noise was frightening everybody, Subhanallaah! 
Abi finally stopped our car, got down and looked under the car, seeing the wheel that was fixed onto his seat. He opened our door and told us that the tire was ripping apart. Ripping apart. Ripping apart!! Soon we were beside a car and the man inside it looked really alarmed. His window shutter was open, that's how he can hear it! Well, Abi stopped the car and got down and talked to the man. I guess they were discussing where the nearest petrol station was. He came back and had a knife in his hand. (brr)!! He looked under again and seemed to be cutting the tire apart. He was not, anyway and he returned the knife and came back with a cut piece of the tire. That was the one making so much noise. Anyway, we went really fast to the petrol station, much faster than before. But still the tire was ripping apart and it needed a change. We hurried to the petrol station and they were just going to change the tire with us inside when Abi stopped them and told us to go to Al Meera. Al Meera!? Subhanallaah!!! There is no Al Meera in this petrol station!! Well, there was an Al Sidra store there anyway. We walked into it and put Ramlah's shoes on and let her run fast all over. She kept grabbing sweets and running away and I kept running after her and dragging Ummi's big bag which she had left on a table. I caught Ramlah and made her drop the sweets, so she ran in another direction. I caught up to Ummi and gave her the bag so I could run with Ramlah. She shopped too, and even ordered me a donut from Dunkin (or is it Dumpkin?) Donuts! But when Abi came, he paid for Cream Crackers, Oreos, Lemon Puffs, Milky Biscuits and Vinegar and Salt (or Sugar?) Potato Chips. No donut. : ( But anyway we soon got back to the car and sped out of the petrol station. It was now mended so we can go off. Alhamdulillaah!  Abi then asked us if we really want to go, we could not see the animals because it would be night time when we arrived. But I wanted to go anyway so we went, it was nice and cold. I had worn a lot of clothes so I was cool and warm at the same time. We lost the way as usual and Ummi had to put her Data on so she could check the location. We went around and around Al Khor places and looked for Al Khor Park. We found a lane and managed to hurry to it and we were soon there. Ramlah fell asleep and had to be woken up. She smiled at everything. So we parked and went to the gates, and we paid 15 riyals for the tickets. One person each cost 5 riyals. It would have been 20 riyals if Ramlah was my age. Children ages under 9 did not get a ticket and they did not have to pay Alhamdulilaah. Good! We saw a lot, even the train, but Ummi said it was disabled. She bought me Candyfloss which was a tasty sweet that was gone as soon as you put some into your mouth. It looked like wool or some stuffing. Then Abi bought Ummi some coffee and himself some tea. And also some cheese samosas. I ate 3 and Ramlah ate 3 and Ummi ate 2 and Abi ate 2 too. It was tasting so good. I ate the last bit of Ramlah's samosa. Masha Allaah it tasted really warm and good. Soon we went to the playground, and I saw the zip line. It was crowded and also I felt shy so I just did not go. Ramlah and I ran up some steps and Abi took her to a small slide and told me to catch her. So I went off the steps and ran fast and caught Ramlah. She giggled with delight, but we let Ramlah slide 3 more times. Then Abi took her to another slide, bigger and longer this time. She pushed her hands up and then slid down in a funny way, and I was waiting to catch her at the bottom. It was very good. We let her do that for 3 more times and then we went to a really long slide. We did not go up and down the steps to get there but Abi just put Ramlah on top and let her go. She loved it a lot. Then I went to the swing and swang a lot and we then left the playground. After a little while, I went back to the playground and swung again. I love swinging. We prayed and then Abi went off to take pictures I think. Ramlah then played football (oh yes I brought my football) with me. A boy even kicked it and ran away. Then she played football (not my ball) with an older boy who looked like he was 16 or 17. She loved it. He must have thought Ramlah was a boy, she looked like one, actually. We stayed a little while and I took out my camera to take some pictures. I took a few but when I looked to see them my album was blank. What had happened!? Then I tried to take one more and to my horror, I saw that I had left my memory card at home!!! Qadrallaah! I just put the camera and walked out of the gates with my family. So we were just going to our car, but my left foot hurt a lot and I could not lift it a lot. But I managed to get to the car and in a hours time, we were home. I was sleepy, but since we arrived at 8:39 I thought I better stay awake. But as we got to the gate, I needed to drag myself to our home because it hurt. But there wasn't any mark on my foot, but it hurt a lot. Then Abi looked at it and said I had to rest it. I ate club sandwichs in bed, it was a nice treat. I read a book until it ended then Ummi gave me panadol (eww, tastes horrible) and immediately after that, honey. Really, it tastes horrible! So I rested and rested and slept. 
Alhamdulilaah Al Khor Park is so fun. 
Assalaamu Alaikum 


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Quran Journal

Salaams everyone, I did not put any Islamic things on my blogs for a long time, did I? I am feeling rather uncomfortable about it, and I would like to show you my new Quraan Journal. Actually, it is about a month old. I suppose I better share with you first some aayahs of the Quraan. First I will show you the picture on your right. I took it from Ummi's blog (actually I had done the post) and here is the link!  

One of the small notebooks with the purple bookmarks is the Quraan Journal. 
On your right, that stuff that looks like litter and rubbish, are my favorite stationery items. That is how I make fascinating Journals! 

My first page:

Ok, now I will show you some journaling hacks that will make you stare with your eyes popping out of their sockets! (Joking!) 

My favourite video

These are all on my mothers site:

Soon I will share some new Quraan Aayahs Insha Allaah. Enjoy the videos and do not forget to make your journal and send pictures on my email:

Oh, and Ramlah is here, breathing down my neck! Say Salaams Ramlah!

Please comment and tell us how you liked it. "Assalaamu Alaikum," from Ramlah, "Assalaamu Alaikum!" from me!


Monday, 6 November 2017

Ramlah and Me!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم

My little sister Ramlah is really naughty now. She scribbles on the wall, floor and she uses pens to draw on herself! She really is a naughty baby. She is now 18 months (sadly not years) old. Another 6 months and yay! She will be a 2 year old. 

Masha Allaah, Ramlah can run fast now, and she falls less and she crawls less! Alhamdulilaah, she can say 'Allaah!' now. And she deepens the 'l's. Sometimes I want a new baby sibling but at other times I feel even one is too much. 

Ramlah knows how to open drawers and cupboards. Oh dear, she can be sometimes so naughty you need to stand aside and watch as your naughty sister demolishes your beautiful stationery, destroys your pens by COLORING with them, and such things like that.

But also she can be really sweet. When she falls sometimes she cries, and then her sweet little nose goes red! She chases me too. Ramlah loves to be chased also, and when she gets my pack of pens (the ones that are not yet spoilt) she runs when I see her. 

I need to chase after her, but when Abi calls her she has to come. Well... do you think you have heard enough of Ramlah? I do, anyway, let's just get to a new subject.

(Thinking what to say...)

Oh, ok, I thought of a new poem. It is put up here too. 

When it is dark it is light
When it is light it is dark
As light is for day when it is night
It would be dark.

In the dark blue sky when you heard the birds of the night
They would be owls and mice and rats along with cats
When it is dark you are in the light, that's the meaning.
When you wake up at dawn and it is light you are in the dark

It means that you understand in the night better than in the day,
Whatever it is, you can enjoy the whole year round,
From spring to summer to fall to winter
As it is, dazzling December to February,

Then cozy little March to May
And after that, sweaty June to August
And then October to November, okay?
(Have I got it correct?)

Ok! Let's change this subject! Today I am going to do a small quiz, you can comment with correct answers. 


A bat is the only mammal that can fly.
Bats have glittering bodies, like the Backlayhak.
Bears love to eat food, such as trees.
Salmon is a grizzly's food. 


What is a tiger?

  • A Mammal
  • A fierce mammal that eats cherries
  • A beautiful creature who sleeps in the day
  • A fierce mammal that can hunt very well
A cheetah finds three steel things arranged in a row. Inside the first one, there is a morsel of some rotten liver (ew). The second one has a lovely fish inside. The last one has a fishtail inside it. The cheetah chose the first and the last ones from the row and ate what was inside, but did not touch the best fish. Why not?

  • Because the fish was poisoned
  • The fish had smelt as if it was poisoned but it wasn't and the others were
  • Because the cheetah was wise and left the middle one all alone, because it was poisoned
  • Because the cheetah was wise and left the middle one all alone, because it knew that it was steel and it was a real trap and the other steel things were false traps that would not hurt. 

Please comment with the correct answers...

Maimoonah T.

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