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Fury and the Beach thief

Assalaamu Alaikum. sorry that I haven't posted Fury for a long time:

Carlotta and Alice go to the beach and fall into a mystery: Who ate the barbecue?  Who stamped in the towel? Is it dogs or cats? For you to find out:





Maimoonah Thadhani

Where’s Alice!
“FURY, FURY, WHERE ARE YOU!” Carlotta yelled one morning as she raced to the stable. She was greeted with a huge whinny, “Neigghh!” Carlotta opened the stable door, not showing Fury (because Fury could open gates and doors!) as she opened.

She shut it and read out the box list.
“Photos of you, grooming kit, shell… wait not shell because there is shells at the seaside! Mini Speaker urmmm… Torch, purse, fast food.”

So she packed all in her huge rucksack with pictures on it. There was a picture of the seaside, a picture of the Borneo Rainforest, and a picture of New York City.

Carlotta’s last adventure was with a kidnapped girl named Alice, whom she rescued. And as a reward she had got a trip to the seaside with Alice for 1 week, and a new saddle, which she was going to take to the seaside.

And she would be going all alone with Alice. And Fury.

After she packed she went to find Alice. Alice’s things were on the floor, and she was watching a program! “Alice! 20 minutes more!” cried Carlotta, her eyes wide open!

“But we are going in the midnight train!” Alice said. “Nooooo! The train is going at 12:00 PM!” Protested Carlotta.

“That’s right, hurry up, 18 minutes more!” Father called, peeking into the room.

Alice managed to pack quickly. She jumped and cleared up mess and packed.

Carlotta packed a bottle of spray. “What’s that?” Alice asked.

“You will soon know!”



They caught the train, got Fury in, and managed to get a seat. Phew!

In The Sea

3 HOURS PASSED by. 4 hours, then somebody told them to get off then.

“Ouch!” Alice yelled, as she got stung by a mosquito. Carlotta opened the bottle of spray and sprayed it on Alice. “That’s what I bought it for!” she winked.

Fury easily carried them to the beach area. “We make a tent here, and peg it in. Then we dig some holes there and we can rest there. And then rig up a flap.” Carlotta outlined her plans.  “Holes first, then on top of that, tent, and peg it in!” Alice said.
“Well, that’s a good idea, as long as we have light there!” Carlotta said. “Well, I brought light in my backpack. Let’s see some pictures now!”

“In Africa,” said Carlotta. She glanced at her rucksack.

“Drawing!” Alice said, pointing.

“That’s scary!” said Carlotta when Alice showed her a picture on Alice’s rucksack.

After that they waded out into the sea, as close as the island, Isle of Catnips. “I’m renting a boat and going there! It’s too deep for Fury!” yelled Carlotta.

“Nooooo! I had enough of islands!” Alice screamed. But as soon as Fury was stabled, Carlotta found a boat renting place. She rented one, and took it out to the waters. “Have fun with the boat, but don’t go to that Isle of Catnips!” the man there said.

“Why not?”

“Because, there are huge catnips all right!” said the man mysteriously. “Don’t go there!”

They left without a word but when they were out in the sea, Carlotta said, “I don’t believe what he said, did you, Alice?”

“It makes me scared, but I didn’t believe it…” Alice said.
“Rocks! Pick out the best route!” she cried suddenly.

Carlotta bent down on the wheel and the boat swerved so that they missed the rocks altogether. Alice grabbed a drawing book and started writing notes in it! “Wow, look what I’m doing!” she shouted over the roar of the motor.

“I’m writing my notes in my drawing book!”

“Hmm, draw something on your notebook!”

“You mean in!” corrected Alice.

Carlotta changed direction to the Isle of Catnips. “Stooooop!” screamed Alice. “Huh? I like that Isle!” Carlotta replied.

And nothing would make Carlotta change her mind.

The lynx
They got on the island and wondered where to go. “That way!” exclaimed Alice, pointing left. “You are only saying that because there’s a sign saying ‘Do Not Go Right, Go Left!’!” Carlotta said.

“Oh please, Mom said not to go where there is danger!” Alice whined.
“Hmm, there’s no danger where there is Fury I think!”

“You forgot, we don’t have Fury!”

“Right, if you are in trouble just scream in this!” Carlotta produced 2 identical Mini Speakers.

They walked off two different ways, Alice left and Carlotta right.

Carlotta moved closer and closer to the spot where she had seen a furry blob before. Suddenly there was a blood-curdling scream that made Carlotta so rigid with fright that she did not think of her mini Speaker.

A big cat with ears so unusual leapt forth. Its teeth were bared in a snarl and it was shining and bright.  

And then, a scream, magnified over 3 thousand times came from the left. It startled the caracal (what Carlotta thought it was) and distracted it so that Carlotta could run away.

She jumped up a tree, rather roughly, for she hadn’t learnt to climb yet. “There’s a snake and now it’s a bob cat!” a voice hissed from above. Alice smiled down at Carlotta and Carlotta mouth dropped open in amazement.

“You screamed for a snake!!?” Carlotta looked surprised. “You didn’t scream for a bobcat!?” asked Alice with a surprised face, and then she realized what she said was silly.

“No I didn’t and we had to better make a run for it!” said Carlotta.

They jumped then ran.


        §        Towel
        §        Cookies
        §        Whole barbecue

All that was gone when they escaped from the island.

The problem was, who would be greedy enough to want a whole chicken? Cookies for kids…. Nope but there was no kids on the beach.

Towel? Hmm that could be a bather who borrowed and didn’t give back. 

The above was Carlotta’s notes. They found the packet of cookies half devoured. Apparently the person who ate it didn’t like cookies. Or animals. Animal!?

Tooth marks. It could be a dog. Then we found the missing towel on the beach covered in muddy claw marks and tooth marks. Then we could see smelly bones of chicken remaining and the last time we saw it was a dog was snuffing it up.

So it was a dog alright?

Hmm no because:

“Look at that, Carlotta!”

“Trap worked!”

“I was so sure it was the bobcat!”

“Not the bobcat. It’s a caracal!”

“Wait a min it’s a real live tiger!”

“It’s no caracal, it’s no tiger, and it’s no bobcat!”

“Then what is it?” asked Alice.

“It’s a Lynx!” Carlotta said simply.

Yes and it was the beach thief whom Fury hated. It was the Lynx of the Beach.

The End

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