Saturday, 25 February 2017

Cleorama the Amazing Cat

Assalaamu Alaikum,
I have decided to write a new book. Blue's Fear of Falling is done, I will soon put it up on the blog insha allaah.

The newest book is about a cat, called Cleorama, (means Queen of Beauty in cat language..) from a kitten from the kitten home, to the park to hide and exchange homes. I will put some of the story in here, you can make your own once you get the idea... :)


The amazing story of a pedigree cat


Maimoonah Thadhani

The hope
As the silver streak of the dawn appears light enough for me I can only go out. As you see, I am a pedigree cat worth 1,050 US dollars, so my current owners say. I think it is light enough for me. But the cat-flap isn’t moving, I can only go in, not out. It is very early. When you want to go out, and can’t, you want to stay up and wonder why you can’t go out. That’s what I did. I pined about going out all night.

It’s time to introduce myself. OK, so…

I am a beautiful white and pink furry Bengal. What’s a Bengal, some people ask? A turtle? A dog? A rabbit? No, no, no, no.  So let’s start again.
I am a beautiful pedigree pink and white fuzzy Bengal cat. I am a girl. What is my breed again? I hope you remembered. Yes, it’s BENGAL. Oops, I keep making distractions! Let’s start again.

I am a beautiful pedigree pink and white fuzzy Bengal cat. I am a clever kitty girl. OK, so now can you guess my name? Oooh you are clever! It is Cleorama.  Cleo stands for queen and Rama stands for beauty in cat language. (I wonder how they knew cat language!)

A CRASH. A BANG. A WALLOP. Something’s going on! Uh, well… it seems like my breakfast is gone… “MAAAAEOOOOOWWW” I yowl. The Queen of Beauty’s breakfast GONE?!


That is my owner calling. I run down hissing. I smell a new, strange, threatening smell! It’s D-O-G. Mr. Fishaps dog, named Missali. Missali means “Fighter of Missiles”! I am just a kitten, but I can hiss and spit and look very, very big, even though I am a little kit.

“CASSSSSIIITTT!” I spat to Missali. “SHIIISSSS-SOOH!” That means, “Silly doggy silly! GET OUUUT SHOO!” 

And Missali flew. Not just plain jumped, but leaped the sky until I was sure he had really flown, perhaps to the highest clouds ever.

He was scared of me (only now); he hadn’t seen me for at least 7 days. I was scared too. I crouched trembling next to my owner, who was quietly texting something. I watch the conversation.

Me: Hey! Don’t u remember me? We met 4 cat sales b4 3 days. Arichta is fine and good!

Lei: Oh hi. Yes I was thinking about you. I need a pet badly, b4 6:00 PM.

Me: Uh well… I have plenty! How do u wanna take them?

Lei: The best cat you can give me. Now, not Arichta. What’s that cat you have – Rosiecrow?

Me: Sold! B4 lunch sold!

Lei: Ahh. Then?

Me: Cleorama seems the cat!

 Lei: Nice name. B4 3 I’ll take her. 

So it went on. 

Assalaamu Alaikum

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