Thursday, 27 April 2017

Ramlah And The Playpen

Assalaamu alaikum everyone,
Ramlah doesn't like her play pen now. She would be rather on the floor. We only use the playpen to feed her, sometimes i get in to read, and once Abi prayed in it!

Sometimes i just try to get in with Ramlah and with 5 minutes session over. Ramlah takes one step steps like this,




It's fun to watch her. Some times we find my old toys and I share them with her! Ramlah is not yet building bricks, but shes breaking my building down!

No more information except that Ramlah eats a little, but if you show the food to her and then give, she will spit it out.

Next time she does something funny, insha allaah i will tell you all here.


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