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FURY the Wild Horse

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم 
I've written a story below:

FURY the Wild Horse


Our Bay Gelding

Chapter One

The fair

“Mother, may we all go to Walton’s fair tonight?” The fair-haired, dark-skinned little girl spoke clearly. The teacher was her mother, and it was her second day at school.

 “Well, Carlotta, only if you get 2 As in Arithmetic and English, then the whole class can go to Walton’s fair.” “Thank You!” shouted Nora and the whole class.

Carlotta and the rest of the class passed lots of As and were thrilled to go that night to Walton in a couch. The driver smiled to see how excited they were. “Most likely you’ll see a great picture of Fury, the lovely wild bay gelding”.
“What’s a bay gelding?” asked Pam, Carlotta’s best friend. “A bay gelding is a lovely horse,” answered the driver.

 “You’ll get information of him. Nobody’s been close enough to see if he’s a girl or boy, in my opinion, he’s a boy.”
“I think he’s a girl,” said Carlotta. “Fury’s a good name for him,” said the driver. “He is so FURIOUS!”

They all laughed.

They got to the fair at last, and saw the photo of Fury, the Wild horse of Kandy! One photo showed Fury somehow caught but another photo showed her galloping free.

 They saw four photos of Fury and one showed where she lived. 

They saw lots of funny things at the fair. “I love the photos of Fury.” said Carlotta happily. “We all got a copy,” said Pam. “I know!” replied Carlotta.

Chapter Two

News of… FURY!

The next day, a strange and wild horse appeared in a Kandy town.
It sniffed about, and then walked out. But a hunter, on seeing it, banged his gun to shoot the horse.
But with unmistakable speed it raced out of town and went into Carlotta’s town.

 She was eating a piece of carrot at that time, and without thinking held out the piece to the strange horse.

It immediately went to her without fear and Carlotta suddenly realized who the horse was.
Yes, it was no other than Fury the Wild horse of Kandy. By feeding Fury, the horse suddenly became tame. The town vet came, but Fury reared up, eye rolling and flaming. 

 She struck down and tossed her head hard. The vet showed a piece of carrot to her, but Fury, living up to her name, grabbed it and tossed it into the bin.

Every one gasped as Carlotta showed her another piece of carrot. The horse simply took it and ate it. Her mane lay wild and beautiful, tossed in the air.

“I see a lovely black spot in each of her ears,” said Carlotta. “Then that means Fury is a girl!” said the vet, amazed.

“I’ll take her into my stable for the night,” said the vet. But Fury wouldn’t budge. So Carlotta tried to take her in, and succeeded! She locked the door firmly and went home.

That night, Carlotta heard a loud whinny coming from the stable door.

Chapter three

A night with Fury herself

 She dressed and went in the stable. She put Fury out, and went back to her house. But this time, a soft knocking at the door awoke her, and crossly she opened the door. There stood Fury, living up to her name, looking absolutely FURIOUS!

“Okay, ok, I shall not leave you like that, Fury,” said Carlotta, “I’ll try to ride you next.”
She climbed up on Fury’s back and Fury, wild now, cantered off. She galloped many miles, and it was dawn when she got back.

Her parents met coming back, and at once there was a perfect chorus in the air. “Oh, why did you have to ride a horse, FURY last of all?”
“FURY is dangerous! Don’t ride her!”
“Somebody kill it!”

This last was from the town vet.

Carlotta answered all this.
“I rode Fury because I wanted to try her out, and she is good.”
“Is Fury really dangerous?”
“Kill who?”
“Who will help and why? And WHAT horse?”
Then she said, “I would like to participate in the Welford Horse Race, Father.”

“Well, Carlotta, err- yes, but you are not to have Fury.” said Father slowly. 

“She might throw you off her back. And if she breaks loose and comes, you can have her to ride, but you must use a saddle and bridle.”

“Ok.” replied Carlotta mournfully. Then she had an idea. She went to the stables, got Fury, where she had left her, and started teaching her a trick.

It soon worked, and Fury was seen everywhere.

 On the day of the race, Fury was put into the stall, and when they had gone, she put her head over the loose box, and grabbed the catch with her teeth. She pulled it open, and following the tire marks, she soon got to the race place.

Chapter four

 The race

Carlotta saw her at the race; the loudspeaker was going loudly there was no time to waste. Carlotta jumped on to Fury’s back and galloped off just as the signal to go sounded!

Fury galloped the fastest, but she slowed down.

 Then on and on they went, soon it came to the desert, and all the horses raced over the hot stretch of sand. Fury was running first, and passed the finish line happily.

She won first place in the race, a real silver cup, which they sold when they got home. The horse was a prize herself so they kept her. How happy Carlotta was!


السلام عليكم 



Homeschool Is Fun! said...

Masha Allah, Its a nice story!

Umm Maimoonah said...

thank you.
I'm writing a new Fury story.
It's called "Fury at Smuggle Stable"

Umm Maimoonah said...
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