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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم

Here is a story:

Fury at Smuggle Stable

 carlotta is going to school- Igloo Hut. Horses aren't allowed there, so Carlotta smuggles Fury in a unused stable. But someone sneaks to a mistress that there is a horse in the stable. Fury is in trouble!



Maimoonah   Thadhani

Our Bay Gelding

Chapter one


“MOTHER, which is the day that I can go to boarding school?” Carlotta asked. “Oh, Carlotta, didn’t I tell you?” asked Mother. “You did, but I forgot.” said Carlotta.

 “It is a summer term, so you’re going in July. The school will give you a lot, give that lot back!” said Mother. “I don’t think you will be allowed to take Fury to Igloo Hut. Igloo Hut is the name of your new boarding school.”
“Oh, but I simply must have Fury. I shan’t go without her.” uttered Carlotta.

 “Very well, you can go with Fury. I think I saw, in the picture of Igloo Hut, far away, a stable. These are the things you can take with you:

v  Purse
v  Books
v  iPad
v  notebook
v  money
v  Fury
v  Grooming tools
v  Extra horse food
v  Photo of carrot
v  Fury magnet
v  Photo of Fury.
v  Pencil
v  Pencil case
v  Record of Fury galloping
v  Lunch box.
v  Few envelopes
v  Paper

“OK, I’ll take them in a suitcase.” announced Carlotta. “Bed time!” called Father suddenly. “Why, I haven’t even eaten dinner!” shouted Carlotta crossly.

 “Oh, you’d better eat it and go to sleep.”
 There was something in his voice that made Carlotta certain that he was joking. She said it out loud.
“Who’s joking?” Mother asked. “Father, of course.” Carlotta said.

The family was always like that.

Chapter Two

FURY Going To School

“FURY, you’re going to school! Wouldn’t that be just COOL?”

Mother heard this statement as she passed by, and said, “I don’t think Igloo Hut would allow any horses, but.” “But Mother, you said yesterday that it’s okay!”

“OKAY! But I don’t see HOW you’re going to take Fury along,” Mother said, puzzled. “Oh, that answer is simple,” Carlotta answered. “I’ll just ride her!”

“No, Carlotta. We want you to ride in the car with us.” Then she went on, “But I think Fury will follow y…” She got no further.

Carlotta shot out of the room like an arrow, screeching, “I’m going to ride Fury! See you at Igloo Hut!”

She raced to the stable, and got Fury; riding her fast away. Moments later, her parents’ car flew down the driveway and was soon out of sight. You see, Father and Mother had great faith in Fury.


Both car and horse raced around to Igloo Hut. As soon as Carlotta saw the tiny speck of Igloo Hut looming in the distance, Carlotta urged Fury on. Then she said the word.

 Promise not to tell anyone, and I’ll tell you! Well, the word is ‘Thunderbolt, Lightingbolt, and Stormbolt!’
When Fury got there, there was no time to make introduction.

 Carlotta had come in the second day, andclass was just starting. She saw an old stable standing in the landscape, and put Fury in.

Then of she raced to class. A second former taunted her with, “Class has just started, boss!”

Chapter Three
Fury Settles In
THAT DAY, Fury settled in. “Hrump, EeighNeigh” Fury snorted.
 Besides that she was happy.
  The first night, Carlotta had to stay till dawn with Fury, and at the first stroke of silver in the sky, she went back to her comfortable bed in the dormitory.

Ruth, the head girl of the first form, was awake, however, and she said to Carlotta, “Where did you go to?” Carlotta answered, “Don’t tell anyone…”

And then she told the story. In the middle of it, all the girls awoke, and heard it. All of them promised not to tell, all but one sneaker.

And the snooper had a different dormitory, in the second form; she was no other than the naughty second former who said ‘“Class has just started, boss!”’

They all went to sleep, and the bell rang after 5 whole hours. They ate breakfast; it was hot on the table. “Yummy!” shouted brainy, always hungry Nora, who was also Carlotta’s best friend.

After that, Carlotta skimmed through a page of Arithmetic trivia problems. But it was fun.

Chapter Four

Fury in Trouble

THAT EVENING wasn’t good at all.  Amelia, the naughty second former, hinted to Miss. Smiley W. S. a rather good sort that there was a horse in the stable.

 “Miss, but do you think there is a horse in the stable?”

Miss Smiley gasped. “B-B-But y-yo-ou a-are sure? You’re not s-sneaking? I can’t believe it! A real horse! In the stable! I always love horses!” “Oh, I thought I heard a horse neigh.” said Amelia.

Although she spoke pleasantly, inside her she felt angry. Her plans were going wrong! Yes, they were. But in a way, no! Fury was in trouble!

So happy Miss Smiley was that she told Carlotta. “There’s a horse in the stable! Did you know?”

Carlotta said, “Why yes! Who told you? Did you see her; don’t tell anyone!”

Replied Miss Smiley, “Maybe a first former.  Shan’t tell, okay.”

Then Amelia said to stern Mrs Gymro who was head of the whole school garden, “Do you think there is a horse in the stable?” with that, she sped off.

Immediately the teacher went to the stable, and then saw Fury, with the tag ‘Carlotta’ on her. “Ahh… Carlotta… can’t go for the nature walk… what a pretty horse, no a pony!”

She continued to herself, “Fury, ahh, what a pretty name!”

Soon, every teacher heard of Fury’s being in the stable, and Carlotta got two lists of order marks.
 That meant that Fury should either go home or everybody should stay in and do extra class.

Well, Carlotta chose for everyone to stay at school and not go out for two days, and Mrs Gymro said to her, “Well, but no one will like you if you chose to stay at home. Everyone will like you better if you send that horse back.”

“Fury isn’t ‘That Horse’,” shouted Carlotta angrily.  “Horses are in my blood and flesh! I was born upon them!”

 It was true, because Carlotta, when she was a baby, learnt to ride, and then became an expert.

“Very well, then.” Mrs Gymro groaned. “Stay in the class if you like.”

Chapter Five
Fury saves the starry night!

ONE LONG STARRY NIGHT, Carlotta climbed out of bed and went outside. Despite the mistresses order marks not to go out, she went.

She fed Fury, and when she was back in her bed, Carlotta looked out of the window for a last look. What she saw amazed her. Masked men were creeping up the path!

“Ahaa, they look like dishonest men. And they walk like dishonest ones, too.” Carlotta muttered to herself. She grew alarmed, and went down.

Carlotta locked all the doors, and awoke all the girls in her dorm.

“Quick, robbers, horse thieves! They are after Fury!”


Every girl dressed and Carlotta slipped out of the little side door, slunk to the stable, and got Fury out.

The night was becoming dark. Wind started to blow. Dew fell. Fury galloped around, rising the alarm!
The mistresses filled out, seeing the robbers. Thud, Crack, Bang! Sticks flew, stones leapt, and Fury kicked about.

Mrs Star, the headmistress came outside too.

 She went in again and called the police.
Meanwhile, Ruth had found out Amelia and she told Mrs Star.

Amelia was expelled then. Fury had won everyone’s pride again!


Starry Night, Starry night,
Starry night so, so bright.

Moon watching,
Stars planning.

Robbers thieving,
Girls capturing.

Clocks ticking,
Moon watching.

Horses galloping,
Mistresses teaching.


Muslimah707 said...

I really enjoyed this story. Masha Allah.

Umm Maimoonah said...

It took a great deal of work to finsih it!
Thank you.

Randi Mai Charning Jensen said...

Assalaamu Alaykum
I really love this story and i cant wait for the next one about Fury!!


Umm Maimoonah said...

Thank you. All the titles of Fury Stories should begin with 'Fury'.
I'm trying to think of one story.
assalaamu alaikum,

Homeschool Is Fun! said...

Masha Allah! A long story, and very nice!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Thank you,
i'm doing another story.

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